Have your golf swing professionally analyzed by one of Elk Grove’s most respected golf instructors Jon Felts.  With the help of video analysis and data feedback from our GSA simulators, everything is monitored and measured including the club through impact, the ball in flight, and the player.  The tools and techniques of learning at Shotmakers makes golf more fun and much easier to understand.

Lessons with Professional Instructor Jon Felts

  • 30-minute Private Golf Lesson = $45
  • 50-minute Private Golf Lessons = $80

 * Juniors age 18 and under will receive a 20% discount on lessons

When you rent a Shotmakers simulator the price remains the same regardless of the number of players (maximum of 4 players per simulator).

Simulator Rental 

  • 30-minute Simulator Rental = $20
  • 1 hour Simulator Rental = $35